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Ninja Proxy is here to help! Your favourite site blocked? Feel free to browse the internet at school with to unblock websites like Myspace, Bebo, Facebook, Friendster, hi5 and more!
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What is a Ninja Proxy?

    Do you wish to browse websites at school, at work or at home but you just can’t due to blocked access? Do you want to stay protected as you browse websites, links and sites online? Then you definitely need ninja proxy to help you surf the web covertly and securely. ninja proxy is a type of proxy that intermediates between a user’s computer and the Internet. Proxy servers can act as firewall and content filter as well.

When you have ninja proxy at work, you can be sure that:

• You can browse your favorite site wherever you are; at home, at school or at the office where there is restricted Internet access. No firewall is unmatched with a Ninja Proxy at work. • You can access information anywhere without the need to worry about your privacy being violated. This web proxy service will ensure you are safe by hiding your IP address plus other precious personal information. Info like you web browser data, geographical location and also your operating system will remain a mystery with this ninja cloak. • No need to install software with this free proxy service and compared to other web proxy services, you can use Ninja Proxy anywhere in any type of computer terminal. Perfect when you don’t want to leave a trail of cookies behind. • This proxy service also help reduce the possibility of being attacked by spyware, malware, viruses, Trojans and other types of malicious software. The Ninja Proxy will act as a filter to protect your computer from any suspicious sites you are visiting. Of course, this service is not meant to replace your antivirus and firewall software installed. Why is there a need to use a proxy anyway and why is this service growing more and more each day? Simply because the World Wide Web is a very curious place indeed; everything as in everything can be done online. You can shop, manage your finances, make banking transactions, explore various types of information as well as contact friends and family. Everybody wants to use the web because of up to the minute information at your finger tips. Satisfying curiosity while using the web without compensating on security and personal information are just some of the many reason why using Ninja Proxy is the best decision you have ever made. Ninja Proxy however is not just all about freedom to use the web wherever you are or whenever you want to, there are also some disadvantages seen in using a proxy service: • Proxies may be used to bypass user’s restrictions which may place a system at risk for malicious software attack. This is often the case of open proxies when it acts as middleman between the Internet and any computer. Ninja Proxy on the other hand protects your computer from any attack whatsoever. • Proxy servers cache information which can make your info be displayed on the site you are accessing. • Using open proxies may lead to trouble and abuse. It is therefore important to be vigilant in the use of proxies and just as you would not want to find out about your browsing information and personal information, other people are also protected about their info as well. Parents must educate their children especially teenager on the responsible web surfing attitude to prevent abuse of their privileges. • Other open proxies may run slowly with the possibility of running as slow as below 300 bit/s but at times speeds may burst from slow to fast as you can handle. Ninja Proxy will run as fast as it is designed to be without compensating on your safety and privacy. • Ninja Proxy will run on any site even through mail servers. You can safely check your mail and do whatever you want safely with this anonymous proxy at your fingertips. So considering these disadvantages, Ninja Proxy is still a wise choice considering that your computer stays protected. It will also make you seem “invisible” as you move from any compute to the web even with restricted Internet access. Even when using your own computer at home, you will never have to worry about any unwanted attacks since your IP address remains hidden and all your info safe even when you request info from the site you visited. Why are there so many legal issues about open proxies? Since privacy is of the utmost in every company, most are very particular about employees using open proxies like Ninja Proxy. Some companies go to as far as employing trackers who scan IP addresses who tap into various proxy sites. A live viewer may be used to see what employees are doing as they browse blocked sites on the web while they work and this can pose as a threat to their job. This could go as far as configuring e-mail senders to block open proxies. It is then important to make Internet usage safe and a responsible activity.

Even if web proxy services like Ninja Proxy offer complete anonymity and protection, users must still be responsible for their actions.

Invading other people’s privacy and of course violating rules is not joke, it may cost your education, your job and your future. There are many employees losing their job because of violating company’s browsing protocol.

With a more than amazing system strategy like Ninja Proxy at work, you are indeed fortunate to be able to view sites even in a restricted computer unit.

You may never have to worry about being discovered through cloaking your IP address to ad protection to your surfing and getting information through sites on the web. An anonymous proxy like Ninja Proxy is also a perfect tool to use to protect your own PC from new attacks of malicious software and other newly developed worms and malware by acting as a firewall. However, when abused, open servers may be a threat to the user as well; so practice safe browsing and enjoy free Internet access responsibly.